Behind AZRANA stands a twin duo from Belgrade, Serbia.
Their aligned life experiences firmed their naturally given and nurtured creative energy.

Both are multi-media artists who fruited diverse projects throughout the years of channeling their exquisite taste in art. All of their art in textile manipulation, tattooing and graphic design is sourced and underlined with a lifelong obsession with music.

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FIDELIAS is a Goatrance DJ project of Markus Fock (born in 1989) from Hamburg, Germany. Many years ago, at the age of 15, he had his first experience with trance music – to mention one of many clubs in the legendary “Tunnel Club.” His introduction to Psychedelic trance music began in 2007 at the famous VOOV festival. He quickly realized for himself the passion and magnetism to the real Goatrance, Old school, and Acid trance, as well as Neogoatrance.

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Dj Hisui

Before She knew goa-trance She was already influenced by the Deep and Minimal Techno music.
Hisui passed through the gates of Goa trance in 2022, and She already became an Old school, Acid, and Hard Techno DJ in 2011!

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DJ Casper

Casper aka Henrique Gaspar is a Portuguese Goa enthusiast. He has had a close relationship with music since his earliest memories. His musical background goes all the way from funk, rock, reggae, and jazz to techno, drum and bass, and trance (basically driving acid music).

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DJane Deadxviolence

UTOPIA Promo [ Tyumen ] / Global Sect

Lidia got interested in DJing relatively recently, starting to study it with Liquid Drum’n’Bass and Synthwave. And while she was honing her skill, she was suddenly and imperceptibly absorbed by Psytrance music.

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Introducing MaxiOm – a talented organizer, DJ, and artist. For over 8 years, he has been passionate about psychedelic art, music, and culture. His introduction to Goa trance began at the Trimurti festival, where he first heard the music and fell in love with it. Since then, he has been collecting similar music and found his unique sound.

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DJ LuPsypher

This psychedelic daemon has returned to the mortal realm with one goal: hypnotize the world through the power of trance.

Since 2021 LuPsypher has been making moves to bring Psychedelic and Goa Trance to the East Coast of Canada. After LuPsypher’s debut this daemon has been booked coast to coast in Canada sharing stages with Psytrance legends like Mad Maxx.

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DJ Hezar

Tomasz “Hezar” Bonsz

Hezar, who comes from Poland, is a musician, producer, DJ and enthusiast of electronic music in its all possible variations. Currently he is a member of a collective called Beboki Team, which organize Goa & Psytrance events across Poland.

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Noa Astrogano is an up-and-coming producer from Israel.

She started to produce trance music in 2019 but has been writing music from an early age.

The 90s electronic music inspires her in general, but she is trying not to be influenced by other people’s music.

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DJ Schneider

His real name is Stevan Prkosovački.

After his first techno experience with the concert of The Prodigy in Belgrade in 1995, he started to be deeply interested in electronic music.

His friend DJ Lost Man brought some techno & trance music from Hungary and started to make some private and local parties in 1997.

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DJ Kokopelic

The Native American Hopi tribe believed in a mythical figure called Kokopelli who used to move from village to village, and through his playing the flute would bring happiness, prosperity, and blossom everywhere.

 Behind the name “Dj Kokopelic” stand Afik Tehar-Lev, that was born in 1995 and lives in Israel, Tel Aviv.

Afik part of the goa trance scene from 2010 and started playing officially at 2018 in parties in India, and today playing in a lot of parties in nature and clubs.

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DJ Mr. Vatsa

Mr. Vatsa is a Goa Trance DJ from Mexico, he started DJing in 2002.

His style is defined by the combination of classic and mythical sounds, reaching the freshest and most intense atmospheres that make the dance floor vibrate and bounce.

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DJ Ratagnan

Christian Lecart – RATAGNAN comes from Angers, France.

He has the 80s / 90s punk background.

In 2008. he got to know trance music and decided to start mixing Goa trance after the Balkan Goa Fanatics 2015. festival in Croatia. He released his 1st Goa trance set in 2018.

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Ostap Hirnyak from Ukraine started the project in 2006. It is focused on downtempo in various variants. He is releasing a tape for the first time for VA Mosaic ( & Labz4 Studio 2010) and the first album We Are Not Alone for Global Sect in 2019. As one of the regular participants in Global Sect compilations, Katedra captivated us with its experimental sound that resonates with extraterrestrial goa trance vibrations.

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AnFleX comes from Athens, Greece. An electronic music enthusiast since his teen years, he developed a big love for all kinds of trance music over the years, with Goa Trance holding a special place in his heart, after coming across it in 1997.

He started collecting CDs in the late 90s and going to parties in 2000, which still does to this day. His love for music has taken him all across Europe to attend festivals/parties/live performances.

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Djane Eden Barami

Eden is an Israeli 27-year-old goa trance DJ, specialized in old school acidic and psychedelic Goa trance.

Eden discovered Goa music for the first time in 2007 and since then she has been discovering the history of Goa music going back to the ’90s until today.

Eden feels Goa is different and unique electronic music and is still wanting to explore this genre more.

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Fiery Dawn

Fiery Dawn (Giorgi) is a Psychedelic and Goa trance music producer from Tbilisi, Georgia. Initially inspired by bands like Astral Projection and X-Dream, he has been in trance music for almost two decades.

Starting from Reasonstation, he later released his tracks at famous labels like Global Sect, Ovnimoon, Time Warp and some others. Fiery Dawn style can be described as very intense, mystical trance music, with esoteric influence.

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DJ Suxor

Behind the name Suxor stands Stefan Aleksievski. He was born on the 6th of April, 1991 in Kumanovo, Macedonia.He is part of a so called ‘Genius of Art’ team. They often organize parties in Macedonia.

His first connection with trance music happened in 2004. After listening to a lot of different genres of trance, he got impressed by psy and old school goa trance. The artists ‘responsible’ for this are Astral Projection, Etnica, Hux Flux, Rastaliens,Fractal Glider, Psysex, Shakta, Electric Universe, MWNN, and others from the 90’s. His performance is DJ-set.

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DJ Metaverse

Metaverse (Alex Vargyasi) is one of the pioneers in Hungary who keeps the spirit of goa trance alive. He is one of the founders of the Hungarian party organization called Lunar 604 events, who resurrected goa trance from the ashes at the local party scene. 

Alex started djing and organizing parties at the same time around 2017. First, he started with old school full on parties but for not so long, as he found his true essence in the goa trance scene. 

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DJane Yaleeni

Margarita Yaleeni began the DJ’s way in 2004 with performances at gothic and industrial events, borrowing the pseudonym from the goddess of Forest and Nature from the fantasy novel N. Perumov. A little later, she moved to more complex psychedelic motives, retaining the love of the mysterious magic of the night sound, an unusual approach to the choice of tracks, and finally became permanently entrenched in the psy-scene of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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DJ Andrew Tripiti

DJ Andrew Tripiti is living in Helsinki, Finland.

The first impression from electronic music  Andrew experienced when he was seven years old, when he heard for the first time the tracks of Jean Michele Jarre, it was the year 1977.  From this expirience, he got a strong influence and got a deep imprint of electronic music. At the age of fourteen, he starts to prepare sets and play synthpop at the school club.

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DJ Mozza

DJ Mozza (Momir Pandurov) is a co-founder of Chaotic Beats organization and member of Wicked Forest and Stara Skola organizations who has been part of Serbian scene since 2004.

In 2015. he joined Serbian based psytrance label Transcape records and released his debut compilation “Psychedelic Fever” in February 2019. Today his DJ sets go from progressive and psychedelic trance to new school goa trance. His goa sets can be heard mostly at GOA Experience and Dhar Mar events where he plays music from labels like Global Sect Music, Suntrip Records, Neogoa, TIP, Spacedock, Goa Madness…

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DJane Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a DJane from Belgrade, Serbia. Behind Amaryllis is Ana Mihailovic, and she is the third part and founder of organization Ages of love. She plays pure powerful goa, old and new. Her mix can vary from slow to fast style of goa, but the thing that doesn’t change is that all the music she plays goes from the heart and it will move your dancing feet undoubtedly! She will bring the special female energy to the party, and make you dance like nobody’s watching!

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DJ GoaPal

GoaPal is a Belgian goa Dj who truly mixes individual tracks into an innovative personal storyline to create an atmosphere of flow on the dancefloor. Like a guide who takes the crowd on a journey along musical heights.

To GoaPal Dj’ing is a form of art, blending all types of goa, from acidic to melodic, from new school to old school. He presents his own creative interpretation of the producers’ work, that way painting a new picture through sound. A DJ is not a jukebox. In essence, his mixes are more than just a string of tracks.

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DJane Mir

Mir is a DJane from Serbia, playing old school goa trance,

but also dark psy and downtempo psychedelic music.

She has been involved with music since an early age, starting from violin in primary school to metal bands in high-school.

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DJane Yella

Yella is DJane from Belgrade, Serbia, presenting to you new school goa sounds, carefully selected for her sets. She is one of the members and founders of Ages Of Love, which is one and only women goa power organization.

You can expect from her sets to be melted with strong emotional goa melodies or to be boiled with pure acid goa sounds.

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Centavra Project

Centavra’s space sounding overgoes all the possible borders.

The project was started in 2007 by Dmitry Gutsu born in Sakhaline oblast (Russia).

In Centavra Project tracks you can hear charming and hypnotic melody that is combined harmonically with deep atmospheric and psychedelic effects.

The music made by project is for those who love Astral Projection and Pleiadians.

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Atlantis Project was founded in 2002 by George Christoforidis from Athens (Greece).

He started producing electronic music in 2000. His first music production was in Uplifting
Trance while in 2014, he decided to experiment with Neo Goa trance style which is based on the famous Goa Trance music using modern sounds of the new age.

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Dmitry Moiseev

Dmitry is the founder of Framescape studio, which is a dynamic graphics and visual effects producer. Inspired by the beauty of the melody lines and the power of rhythm structure in such electronic music movements as goa trance, psychill, downtempo, electronica, his studio creates visual concepts based on music vibration transformation into sound and vision stories.

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Ahankara Art

I’m the human. I’m a freelancer. I’m a web developer. I’m an artist. I’m this and that. 
For someone, I can be the friend, and for another – the enemy. 

A lot of tags, aren’t they? They can tell to you something about me, but they can’t tell you who I’m.
What can I tell about myself? What would you like to know about me?
I thought about it, spent a lot of time, and still nothing.
And I don’t like to spend more time on it.

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Anastasia Lukomskaya

Anastasia Lukomskaya is a psychedelic poet from Moscow. Her poetry is a mix of philosophy, transcendent experience, and true feelings that can be only expressed beside words. Even if the worst thing happens and the Universes die, her message is always positive, and her poems change the consciousness in the right way. She has a lot of tracks declamating poems on music accompaniment, and she often takes part in literary events in Saint Petersburg. You can read and listen to her poetry on her public page.

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Dimitro Zymosis / Alienapia

The founder of two amazing projects: Zymosis (chill-out) and Alienapia (goa trance). The owner of One Day Mastering Studio.

Dimitro made a professional mixing of some tracks for our label! Do you remember the album “Psy-H Project – Dance of Distant Worlds”? All the tracks from this abum are professionally mixed by Dimitro.

If you are a music maker or label owner and have problems with the quality of the sound, you can send a message to:

Psy-H Project

Psy-H Project is the solo project of a well-known chillout musician (Space Cucumbers, Slow Reflections) from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was started in 2008 when by chance Igor Kititsky combined old goa melodies and modern night sound drive. And from this experiment, «In a Shade of Dadrrount’got» the first track of the Psy-H Project was born. Hard beat and bassline, in combination with ethnic goa melodies and deep atmospheric digital sounds, are the essence of amazing cosmic dancing music called Neo Goa Trance.

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DJ Adept

DJ Adept is the owner of the goa-trance label Global Sect Music.

During DJ Adept’s sets, you will always hear some new and cosmic goa-trance music from the best projects in the whole world. In his releases and sets, Adept puts an accent on atmospheric, melodic, and deep sounding that creates the feeling of endless space and zero gravity.

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