DJ LuPsypher

This psychedelic daemon has returned to the mortal realm with one goal: hypnotize the world through the power of trance.

Since 2021 LuPsypher has been making moves to bring Psychedelic and Goa Trance to the East Coast of Canada. After LuPsypher’s debut this daemon has been booked coast to coast in Canada sharing stages with Psytrance legends like Mad Maxx.

Staying true to their hypnotic mission LuPsypher continues to host shows on the east coast of Canada showcasing the many flavours of psychedelic dance music under the Alien Acoustics brand.

LuPsypher’s sound can be described as deep mind-bending hypnosis. LuPsypher explores all styles of psychedelic music from deep downtempo trance, mid tempo Goa-Trance & Full-On all the way to dimension warping Hi-Tech.

What’s next in LuPsypher’s hypnotic plans? Tune in and prepare to be hypnotized.