Introducing MaxiOm – a talented organizer, DJ, and artist. For over 8 years, he has been passionate about psychedelic art, music, and culture. His introduction to Goa trance began at the Trimurti festival, where he first heard the music and fell in love with it. Since then, he has been collecting similar music and found his unique sound.

He began performing at private parties and local festivals in Russia, introducing the audience to psychedelic culture and promoting the genre in his hometown. His love for music and psychedelics led to the formation of the Trinity promo team, which organizes musical events united by a common idea of love for music, art, and psychedelic culture. He is a DJ who transmits high vibrations through audiovisual channels, and on the main dance floor, he prefers energetic, acidic Goa psychedelic trance that takes you deep into your consciousness. MaxiOm develops his musical taste by combining old and new schools, collecting music, and trying himself in various genres. The depth and fluidity of sounds, the beauty of calm rhythms attract to discover new facets of sound at the intersection of psychedelic/ethno/dub/organic.

Also at the Trimurti festival, MaxiOm discovered the art of String Art and began to develop in this direction, creating paintings that harmoniously combine with psychedelic music and create intricate, fractal patterns with elements of sacred geometry. The process of creating such paintings is a kind of meditation that helps to better understand oneself and one’s inner world.

MaxiOm is a talented and multifaceted artist who combines music, art, and culture, creating a unique atmosphere at every event.