Dj Hisui

Before She knew goa-trance She was already influenced by the Deep and Minimal Techno music.
Hisui passed through the gates of Goa trance in 2022, and She already became an Old school, Acid, and Hard Techno DJ in 2011!

She had gradually been fascinated by the sense of epic scales like sci-fi movies as mysterious atmospheres with euphoric and floating feelings of goa trance after she tried the first time goa trance Dj mixing.

Her noble passion for goa trance is quiet as forest but also energetic as nuclear fusion, She has tried experimental mixings such as Dark goa ambient, Downtempo goa, Forest goa, and Old school goa.

She will unlock Goa trance’s future and catch your soul and spirit with a new style of Goa trance djing filled with her noble passion.