DJ Casper

Casper aka Henrique Gaspar is a Portuguese Goa enthusiast. He has had a close relationship with music since his earliest memories. His musical background goes all the way from funk, rock, reggae, and jazz to techno, drum and bass, and trance (basically driving acid music).

Casper started fiddling around with a mixer in 2018 and rapidly fell in love with the art.
Although his inspirations are various, he naturally ended up focusing on Goa Trance as his main genre to play. When he plays, his goal is to guide the dancers through similar experiences he has had himself on the dancefloor, as he believes it is a great setting and opportunity to go deep into one’s self and have otherwordly experiences.

He’s currently involved with the ascending 604 Freaks Records – a label run by a group of young Portuguese goa freaks and with the already well-established Cronomi Records.