DJane Deadxviolence

UTOPIA Promo [ Tyumen ] / Global Sect

Lidia got interested in DJing relatively recently, starting to study it with Liquid Drum’n’Bass and Synthwave. And while she was honing her skill, she was suddenly and imperceptibly absorbed by Psytrance music.

In psychedelic music, it started with the upbeat and festival rhythms of classic Psytrance, over time, her preferences transformed into Full-On, Twilight and Goa Trance, and then began to take over by Dark Psy, Forest Psy and Hi-Tech. Having performed at one of the private parties from UTOPIA Promo with a set in the style of Goa Trance, she became a partygoer and a full-fledged member of the promo group. Later she became a resident DJ of Global Sect with her great selection of oldschool and neogoa trance in her mixes.

Lidia managed to perform at many private parties and parties in the Ural, Tyumen, Kazan, Saint Petersburg; BK and Paradigma festivals in Moscow. She prepares very carefully for her performances, selecting and listening to gigabytes of material.