DJ Metaverse

Metaverse (Alex Vargyasi) is one of the pioneers in Hungary who keeps the spirit of goa trance alive. He is one of the founders of the Hungarian party organization called Lunar 604 events, who resurrected goa trance from the ashes at the local party scene. 

Alex started djing and organizing parties at the same time around 2017. First, he started with old school full on parties but for not so long, as he found his true essence in the goa trance scene. 

In his well-selected sets, he is focusing on a balanced storyline which starts as harder, blasting, twisting vibes then moving forward to a more melodic ending which serves the perfect energies for a sunrise set.

While he follows and respects the roots he wants to show his audience what goa trance can offer nowadays, that’s why he plays lots of powerful new school tracks.

At the stage, he creates an atmosphere where everybody is smiling, jumping and flying around with his energetic vibe.

Metaverse is influenced by Mindsphere, Median Project, Alienapia, Liquid flow, Psy-h Project, Proxeeus, Centavra Project (and the list can go on…) from the new age line, but he has also big favorites from the old age: Dimension 5, Etnica, Ra, MWNN, Miranda, Power Source, Chi A.D., California Sunshine, etc.