Anastasia Lukomskaya

Anastasia Lukomskaya is a psychedelic poet from Moscow. Her poetry is a mix of philosophy, transcendent experience, and true feelings that can be only expressed beside words. Even if the worst thing happens and the Universes die, her message is always positive, and her poems change the consciousness in the right way. She has a lot of tracks declamating poems on music accompaniment, and she often takes part in literary events in Saint Petersburg. You can read and listen to her poetry on her public page.

Anastasia is the author of the poem “The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds”, a fantasy story about a transcendent trip and the structure of the consciousness and the Universe. The poem is ready, and we have to say it’s a deep psychedelic experience that will lead you into an absolutely magical world that is much more real than you may think. When we translate it into English, it will be released by Global Sect Music with 3 CDs of perfect goa trance and excellent illustrations.