Behind AZRANA stands a twin duo from Belgrade, Serbia.
Their aligned life experiences firmed their naturally given and nurtured creative energy.

Both are multi-media artists who fruited diverse projects throughout the years of channeling their exquisite taste in art. All of their art in textile manipulation, tattooing and graphic design is sourced and underlined with a lifelong obsession with music.

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FIDELIAS is a Goatrance DJ project of Markus Fock (born in 1989) from Hamburg, Germany. Many years ago, at the age of 15, he had his first experience with trance music – to mention one of many clubs in the legendary “Tunnel Club.” His introduction to Psychedelic trance music began in 2007 at the famous VOOV festival. He quickly realized for himself the passion and magnetism to the real Goatrance, Old school, and Acid trance, as well as Neogoatrance.

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Dj Hisui

Before She knew goa-trance She was already influenced by the Deep and Minimal Techno music.
Hisui passed through the gates of Goa trance in 2022, and She already became an Old school, Acid, and Hard Techno DJ in 2011!

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DJ Casper

Casper aka Henrique Gaspar is a Portuguese Goa enthusiast. He has had a close relationship with music since his earliest memories. His musical background goes all the way from funk, rock, reggae, and jazz to techno, drum and bass, and trance (basically driving acid music).

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DJane Deadxviolence

UTOPIA Promo [ Tyumen ] / Global Sect

Lidia got interested in DJing relatively recently, starting to study it with Liquid Drum’n’Bass and Synthwave. And while she was honing her skill, she was suddenly and imperceptibly absorbed by Psytrance music.

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