DJ Hezar

Tomasz “Hezar” Bonsz

Hezar, who comes from Poland, is a musician, producer, DJ and enthusiast of electronic music in its all possible variations. Currently he is a member of a collective called Beboki Team, which organize Goa & Psytrance events across Poland.

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Noa Astrogano is an up-and-coming producer from Israel.

She started to produce trance music in 2019 but has been writing music from an early age.

The 90s electronic music inspires her in general, but she is trying not to be influenced by other people’s music.

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DJ Schneider

His real name is Stevan Prkosovački.

After his first techno experience with the concert of The Prodigy in Belgrade in 1995, he started to be deeply interested in electronic music.

His friend DJ Lost Man brought some techno & trance music from Hungary and started to make some private and local parties in 1997.

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DJ Kokopelic

The Native American Hopi tribe believed in a mythical figure called Kokopelli who used to move from village to village, and through his playing the flute would bring happiness, prosperity, and blossom everywhere.

 Behind the name “Dj Kokopelic” stand Afik Tehar-Lev, that was born in 1995 and lives in Israel, Tel Aviv.

Afik part of the goa trance scene from 2010 and started playing officially at 2018 in parties in India, and today playing in a lot of parties in nature and clubs.

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DJ Mr. Vatsa

Mr. Vatsa is a Goa Trance DJ from Mexico, he started DJing in 2002.

His style is defined by the combination of classic and mythical sounds, reaching the freshest and most intense atmospheres that make the dance floor vibrate and bounce.

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DJ Ratagnan

Christian Lecart – RATAGNAN comes from Angers, France.

He has the 80s / 90s punk background.

In 2008. he got to know trance music and decided to start mixing Goa trance after the Balkan Goa Fanatics 2015. festival in Croatia. He released his 1st Goa trance set in 2018.

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Ostap Hirnyak from Ukraine started the project in 2006. It is focused on downtempo in various variants. He is releasing a tape for the first time for VA Mosaic ( & Labz4 Studio 2010) and the first album We Are Not Alone for Global Sect in 2019. As one of the regular participants in Global Sect compilations, Katedra captivated us with its experimental sound that resonates with extraterrestrial goa trance vibrations.

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AnFleX comes from Athens, Greece. An electronic music enthusiast since his teen years, he developed a big love for all kinds of trance music over the years, with Goa Trance holding a special place in his heart, after coming across it in 1997.

He started collecting CDs in the late 90s and going to parties in 2000, which still does to this day. His love for music has taken him all across Europe to attend festivals/parties/live performances.

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