Global Sect 2023 summary and future plans

Cosmonauts, the last year was unusually difficult for a huge number of people around the world. We see, on this background, the instinct of survival was activated in us, and we decided to maximally lay out in the creation of releases.

Because music has always distract humans from hardships of the world and carried their mind to beautiful worlds and spaces. In this post, we will summarize some results and tell you about our future plans.

1. Discography.

The last year became the most productive for us during the entire existence of the label. We released 5 releases in total:

VA Liquid Symphony (3 CDs)
Artifact303 – A Trip Down Memory Lane
Alienapia & ShivaOm – FOA (2CD)
Fiery Dawn – I Come From Outer Space
Clementz – Eyes Of The Universe

Buy all 5 releases with discount here:

So, a total of 8 CDs, 78 tracks, including remixes of Etnica – Intense Visitation and Man With No Name – Teleport.

To understand the volume of work, for the 11 years of the label’s existence, we have released a total of 31 CDs, and 8 of them in 2023.

We honestly admit, it wasn’t easy, but we received great pleasure and satisfaction from the work done.

2. Parties.

Historically, events were a weak side of our label. There are many reasons for this, many of our musicians cannot perform due to various reasons, world events. Also, we didn’t placed emphasis on events but to music and online activities.

That’s not the case now. Last year we did 16 events in Serbia, including a rocking open-air with the participation of the Ka-Sol project. It was an unforgettable experience and we intend to maintain this theme while slowly improving the quality of the events.

At the moment, our team in Serbia counts 9 (!) DJs, and in total, approximately 30 DJs from all corners of our planet work with our label.

We also want to note that the Fiery Dawn project will appear at the ZNA 2024 festival, which is, without a doubt, the result of his painstaking many years of work. We wish Gio good luck and excellent performance.

3. Party deco.

After six months of hard development, we are pleased to present our first official collection of event decorations “Katedra” from the master Ahankara Art with the support of Andrey Verner. Very soon we will publish photos from various events.

Look at all collection:

Separately, it is worth noting our team of decorators, based in Serbia, whose professionalism is growing rapidly, and we will be ready to implement larger projects.

So, our label is gradually developing in the following directions:

– releases
– DJ line-up
– musicians
– parties
– decorations for events
– online-magazine fluorescent artefacts

It’s slow, but it’s going steadily towards the fact that in one day we will make a small festival from our label. But we won’t worry about it now, we’ll cross fingers and continue the hard work.

Plans for 2024.

1. Releases.

Next year we plan to concentrate all our efforts on creating a 5CD (!) compilation, which will be put together for you by DJ Adept, DJ Masala and DJ Hisui. This will be an extremely complex and exciting project, the tracklist will include the following musicians:

Astronobios, Centavra Project, Clementz, Median Project, Atlantis, Ovnimoon, Midiotz, Fiery Dawn, Mindsphere, Proxeeus, Triquetra, Liquid Sun, Korov, Neogenia, Afgin, InnerZone, PharaOm, Moon Beasts, SETI Project, Sykespico and many others.

2. Gamedev.

After many years of thought, accumulation of experience in visual art and music, we are ready to try to reach a new level.

All these years we have taken great pleasure in creating releases, developing visual art, and creating scenery. But all this time, somewhere in the depths, a strange but logical question sounded: so what?

We release another compilation or album… so what? We make a high-quality fractal with the artist… so what? We make a party by bringing good people together… so what?

Is this the essence of real art? Can we offer a more diverse and interesting experience? All this lacks some really serious depth, narrative, multi-level storytelling.

And yet, despite a certain creative everydayness, one of our projects is radically different from all the others. We are talking about the compilation/psychedelic action-packed poem The Mystery of Crystal Worlds.

In this project, we managed to create a completely new, detailed world, with characters, locations, a twisted story and even some kind of spiritual experience.

And now we are ready, based on this world, to create a board game and at the same time a computer game (a virtual adaptation of the board game). We have already started developing the mechanics and plan to show you a video of the first prototype in the near future.

An action-packed magical adventure in the style of Psychedelic Dark Fantasy awaits you, survival in a magical, unfriendly world, confrontation with a powerful and insidious antagonist.

Moreover, in parallel with this project, we are developing another world, this time in the style of science fiction and the distant cosmic future.

That’s all, dear friends. We hope that Karma and material reality will allow us to realize our creative plans. For our part, we will continue to do what we love, and next year we wish you, first of all, health for you and your loved ones, family well-being and every success. And humanity as a whole will strive for evolution, progress, cooperation and space exploration.

Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon!