9 unreleased tracks for 1$. Patreon updates

Recently we have been uploading unreleased tracks (wav), which are available for any tier.

Welcome: https://www.patreon.com/globalsect

You have a unique opportunity to subscribe for just $1 per month and right now get access to at least 9 unreleased tracks from Median Project, Morioun, Proxeeus, Centavra, Fiery Dawn and other great projects.

9 unreleased tracks for 1$. Good deal

Subscription also gives you a permanent discount on any of our products (digital music, CDs, merch, party deco).

We have also opened a chat where our patrons can get an answer to absolutely any question and share their ideas.

Our Patreon is under active development, so we will be publishing a lot of exclusive content in the very near future.

We invest all our funds in creating releases, so your subscription is a direct contribution to the development of Goa Trance.

Thank you for your attention, very soon we will launch pre-sales of our epic 5CD compilation.