Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Key of Shambala
Dwarf meadow

Key of Shambala

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This UV active canvas can be a great decoration for your living room, bedroom, yoga studio, patio, classroom, creative studio, art workshop, background for DJ at festivals or parties.

There is a country of Shambhala inhabited by wise and happy people. There are no diseases and sorrows, there are no wars and revolutions. Mutual understanding and responsiveness prevail in the area. There, people inspire and support each other. Many daredevils searched for this country around the world, but those who went to the end found it. They found this country within themselves. All this search has led to the understanding that not a place adorns a person but a person a place! Everything that man lacks is inside him. And this is the key to Shambhala. Everyone who tries to peer into the mandala will definitely be able to find himself in this country of happiness.

A psychedelic painting created by the method of Digital Art.

High-quality sublimation printing, glows under the influence of ultraviolet light (100% UV effect), in daylight looks colorful, rich in bright colors.

Clarity of details and color reproduction are at the photo quality level.

Printed on glossy high-quality synthetic fabric (flexible but firm), odorless.

It is possible to wash and iron.

Can be packed as a gift. We can also add a nice personalized postcard with your greeting text.

You can choose the type of edges of the canvas depending on your needs:

-for indoor use – reinforced and aligned edges, eyelets for easy installation on the wall

-for outdoor use – with loops on the 4 edges of the backdrop

-for framing – with wide margins.

Different sizes are available (it is also possible to order individual sizes).

! If you are planning to order a backdrop with a length or width of 1,5 meters or more, then keep in mind that the product will be neatly sewn from two pieces of fabric. This does not affect the aesthetic effect, but we want to warn you.

! Due to the technological features of production, the size of the finished product may differ from the size indicated in the table by 1-3 centimeters. If you need absolutely accurate dimensions (in particular, for framing), please specify this in the personalization option.

WARNING! We work in Ukraine. Now we fulfill all orders and ship on time because our city is located near the border with the EU, far from the hot zone.

Estimated standard shipping times now:

USA – 14-32 days
Germany, France, Poland, Austria – 11-28 days
Other EU countries – 20-32 days
UK, Switzerland, Canada – 21-35 days
Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan – 28-38 days

All orders over 200 USD or containing 3 pieces or more will be shipped by express services EMS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL (delivery time 7-15 business days). If you need to express for smaller orders, you can purchase a delivery upgrade coupon.

For a number of cities in the EU, UK, and Switzerland, direct courier delivery is possible (without payment of customs fees, delivery time – 2-3 days). Ask us for details.

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