Reincarnation 2 – Star&Adept – Psychedelic UV-Reactive Canopy – 12 petals set

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Ceiling Decoration “Adept&Star” is a part of the Reincarnation 2 collection. Great for decorating Goa and Full-On Trance parties.

✓ The amazing level of details will make you loose yourself in the psychedelic worlds of infinite patterns and trippy characters
✓ This trippy art is meant to be watched over and over and to enhance your psychedelic experiences
✓ Great UV-effect will take your trip to another level
✓ The super bright colors will bring up empowering visions and inspiration
✓ All artworks in this shop were custom created by Andrei Verner – an experienced psychedelic artist – sometimes together with other great artists.

This UV-reactive canopy is perfect for decorating a space of any size:

  • Bedroom
  • Dorm
  • DJ-studio
  • Chill out space
  • Festival tent
  • Festival camp site
  • Club’s dance-floor
  • Festival’s dance-floor

Connecting petals is super easy. On each petal there are 12 loops – 4 on the corners and 8 on the sides. So to hold petals together you simply connect the loops with the carabiners according to the plans provided. Or you can create your own custom decor by assembling the elements in a number of other ways!

Each 12-petals set contains:

  • 12 Full-UV-printed 4-way stretching lycra petals sewed across the perimeter with a stretchable black band.
  • 12 loops on every petal
  • 96 carabiners to connect the petals
  • 1 central ring carabiner – for small and medium size canopies

Please note, this is a made to order product and the production time can be up to two weeks.

If you have any questions about this product please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Additional information

Canopy sizes

L – 11m/26′ stretch, M – 5,5m/18′ stretch, S – 3m/9.85′ stretch