Interview with DJ Adept (Global Sect Music, 01.11.2021)

Namaste, friend! I am glad to see adherents of the psy trance music world
in my abode. How is the mood?

Hi, glad to visit your abode. It’s pretty cozy and you’ve got some good guests.
Thank you for asking, everything is good and stable. Due to the well-known
situation, all events have been canceled, so we are sitting at home, working on

How long ago did the idea to create the Global Sect platform come about
and what was the main emphasis?

Our label was created about 10 years ago. I just followed the inspiration and did
what I liked the most. I liked Goa Trance the most at that time.

If we talk about the emphasis, then, probably, this is a conceptual approach to
creating releases. I always tried to combine visual images with music and some
kind of story-concept.

Is Global Sect Music a label for musicians, or was the goal to create
a larger community of interests?

I still don’t fully understand what Global Sect is. I occasionally think about it and
come to the conclusion that this is more of a sci-fi art project with elements of
psychedelia. I fully admit the possibility that GS will manifest itself in other
forms, in addition to the label and store with attributes of psy-culture.
We pay special attention to the creation of fluorescent canvases, deco and

If we talk about other directions GS can go in, then it could be a movie, a
computer game, a theatrical production, and God knows what else.
I recommend everyone to read to our fantasy-psychedelic poem “The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds”. This is a vivid example of how several art directions can hitone point and the craziest thing we have done at the moment.

What is your understanding of space trance, psy, goa – is it some kind of
modern trend or is it an ideological position with independent thinking?

We need to understand the terms. We work with the Goa Trance direction. The
peak of this style was in the 90s, and we just continue the tradition and release
music that is written according to this basic technology of the 90s. In short, goa
has a lot of melodic parts and old-fashioned acid synths.

I often watch how old school goa and new music adherents do not find a
common language and everyone considers their direction to be better. But I see
it differently. For me, it’s the same music, which is created in a certain way,
adjusted to the current time.

The whole trick is in the technology of writing a track. A large number of melodies
and interestingly twisted synths give the effect of diversity and layering.
Psytrance of the new generation is more focused on groove and psychedelic
effects, as such, melodic constructions in this direction are practically absent, but,
in contrast, it has retained a special attitude towards melody. This is neither good
nor bad, discussing the nuances of modern psy-trance is not in my competence.
Separately, I want to note that we pay special attention to working with sound.
We do not do only mastering, but quite often we also do the mixing of the track.
This is the painstaking work that Dimitro Zymosis aka Alienapia has been
doing for us for over 10 years.

This work consists of the fact that the musician sends us each track (kick, bass,
synths, effects, etc.) separately and the sound engineer makes a new, better
balance. This work can be compared to a surgical operation for a goa trance
track. The main task is to preserve the original message of the author as much
as possible, but to make the sound better. It doesn’t always turn out perfect, but
there are a few works that I’m very pleased with.

What are you currently working on and what projects can we expect in the

Trinity compilation from three beautiful female DJs from Serbia, forest goa
album from Alienapia & ShivaOm and debut album of space goa trance master
Centavra Project called Antigravity will be released very soon.

In terms of more global plans, we are currently creating a collection of science
fiction stories under the test title “Star Temple”. The essence of this story lies in
the fact that in the future, humanity discovers a strange structure on an
uninhabited planet, reminiscent of the Temple, but on a gigantic scale and
clearly created by a more developed civilization. Around the temple there is a
zone with anomalous activity, in which really strange things happen …
A group of astronauts-stalkers is sent to investigate the object and encounter
inexplicable phenomena. When writing the collection, we are inspired by the
masterpieces of Philip Dick, Victor Pelevin, some ideas of other authors, as well
as the films Prometheus, Blade Runner, Dune and many other science fiction

We have already taken the first step in this direction and, together with the
guys from “Model for Assembly” and the legendary Vlad Kopp, we have
recorded a teaser track that reveals some details of the world we are creating.

What do you do besides Global Sect, do you have side projects?

At some point, I became very interested in synthwave and even opened a
second label called Neon Masters, on which we released one release.
Once we were sitting with a friend and he played me a track by the Dance With
The Dead band, I really liked it and the next day I shoveled a lot of resources,
discovering a whole world in which the culture of the 80s, cyberpunk,
retro-futurism is mixed, synth effects from the cinema and many other
attributes of the olds who remember this era well.

After that I went to Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Daniel Deluxe, we did some cool
parties and I even played synthwave in Serbia a few times.

Perhaps most of all I remember the event captured in this video:

Do you have a life hack to fight hatred? You probably get a lot of criticism.

You should also ask a life hack to fight the air… In fact, there is little that can
affect the formed opinion of an adult, including mine. It makes no sense to try
to do this, it is much more productive to concentrate on the realization of
creative potential.

Who is your favorite artist in the world of electronics, maybe Astrix,
Ace Ventura, All in One, Electric Universe, etc.?

All these projects have little to do with what we do. But the old Electric Universe
music is definitely good.

If we talk about what I like, then these are mainly the master titans of the genre:
Man With No Name, Astral Projection, Pleiadians, Chi – A.D. and many many

There are quite a few good projects in newscool goa, I would highlight Centavra
Project, Katedra, Filteria, Artifact303, Atlantis, Morphic Resonance,
Mindsphere, Proxeeus, Median Project, GoaD, Globox, Psy-H
Project, E-Mantra, Fiery Dawn, Merr0w, Cosmic Dimension, Triquetra ,
Nostromosis, Celestial Intelligence, the list is far from limited to these names.
But most of all, I like the cosmic, atmospheric goa trance.

How do you see the world in 30 years – the era of cyberpunk will come or
everything will happen in sleep mode?

Cyberpunk has already arrived and humanity is entering the pre-space era. The
main question is whether we will be able to adequately agree with each other
and send joint forces to space exploration, or will the situation worsen.
I think that over time man will definitely live in other parts of the cosmos and
our civilization will have a great space future.

I’m a little sad that I was born in such an ancient era, which is our present. We
can’t even comfortably drink coffee on Mars yet. It’s good that at least there is an
opportunity to write a track about it.

Give advice to young listeners – where to start?

Just follow your inspiration. You already know what you need to do, just put
in your best efforts and everything will definitely work out.

What book are you reading now?

I don’t read much lately, I’m more focused on writing with other authors, but
I’ve almost finished Victor Pelevin’s “The Invincible Sun”.

If we talk about my favorite books, then offhand the list looks something like this:
– Victor Pelevin “The Helmet of Horror”
– Daniil Andreev “The Rose of the World”
– Nicholay Roerich “Seven Great Mysteries of the Cosmos” (although there are
rumors that this book was written by another author, but this does not change
the essence)
– Reverend Nikodim the Holy Mountaineer “Invisible Scolding”
– Rev. John of the Ladder “The Ladder”
– Philip Dick “Ubik”, “The Invasion of God”, “Labyrinth of Death”, “The 3 Stigmata
of Palmer Eldritch”, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”
– Jay Stevens, “Storming the Skyv
– Bernard Werber “Empire of Angels”
– Isaac Asimov “The Academy”
– Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now”

Do you have any wishes for the fans?

I have wishes not only for the fans, but for all people. Guys, I wish
you good health, family well-being and good luck in good deeds.


Anissa Kate or Cameron Diaz?
Anissa Kate, but Cameron is good too

House by the sea or skyscraper?
House by the sea. 🙂

Top three movies?
Blade Runner (Ridley Scott), Dune (Denis Villeneuve), Adam’s Apples.

How happy are you now?
At the moment I am absolutely happy, I hope this will continue in the future.

And the last. Life is a raspberry?
Life, as a phenomenon, covers the full range of sensations, we just
have to maneuver. 🙂

Interview taken by the independent portal LUDIVĐHARME