Artifact303 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

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After the release of the second album “From the Stars” and the EP “Mellow Sonic Remixes”, Artifact303 has prepared a great release for all the fans of his early works. 9 previously released tracks and 1 unreleased awaits you.

Attention! Shipping of cds will be after 15 April 2023 😇

For each track, modern, high-quality mixing and excellent mastering is done, so everyone will discover famous tracks in a new way. This collection of tracks is released digitally at the artist’s bandcamp, and physical CDs are available on all Global Sect platforms.”


1. The Ancestors (2023 Mix)
2. Trip To The Sun (2023 Mix)
3. Consequences (2023 Mix)
4. Influence Your Dreams (2023 Mix)
5. Feelings (2023 Mix)
6. Energy Waves (2023 Mix)
7. Levitation Device (2023 Mix)
8. Daydreamer (2023 Mix)
9. Trip Back From The Sun (2023 Mix)
10. 604 Maniacs (2023 Mix)

Track 604 Maniacs is only available in digital version exclusively on the artist’s bandcamp.

Cover Art: Ahankara Art
Mixing and Mastering: Artifact303